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Bringing Miami Vibes to you! Our studio is a retro themed, 80's South Beach Art Deco vibe! I want my Shade by Hrae!

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Are you a small business owner looking for a rental space? Want to host a pop up in our studio? Feel free to reach out for pricing. Most small events are done on a percentage basis per ticket price. Daily rental fees may vary. You will be given a code for a key and will be expected to leave the space as it was when you came in. If you need help advertising we can help do this for a higher percentage. (Typically if you are holding an event that requires ticket pricing, we would do between 20-30% per ticket) If you are a beauty professional, yoga instructor, medium, or other, and would like the space a few days a week, we can discuss a low set price. I understand how hard it is and how much rent expenses can be, so I am willing to and enjoy helping other small business owners grow for an affordable rate! You also must be insured and licensed if your profession requires one! WE WILL BE CHECKING! If you are a cosmetology student we can check out of state licenses as well and will.

Spray Tan Artist Heather started in the tanning industry back in 2006 while living in sunny Miami, Florida where she attended Culinary school. Heather had the opportunity to work with High Profile clientele and celebrities bringing the best knowledge and experience to her practice. While understanding the value of what makes a good spray tan, her experience in the kitchen is a skill that also stands out as she has a natural eye to mix the perfect solution recipe for your skin tones.

Heather would go on to working at a tanning studio in San Diego, California, where she was featured along side her co-workers in a magazine. In her travels and experiences she was able to gather everything she learned and create a studio of her own that has a unique retro vibe, unlike any other studio in this area. Being around the industry for 17 years I do not claim to be a master as the industry is always changing and there is always more to learn.

The goal of Shade was not just an experience that was different than others, but one that allowed clients to be comfortable as being naked in front of strangers can be nerve wracking. The spray tanning industry has grown since 2006, and that's why before settling on a solution, Heather tried multiple brands before choosing the best in the market. Shade tans are not orange, and they are long lasting compared to other brands. Every spray tan is custom because no two people are the same. Shade takes pride in creating the most NATURAL looking glow in the area no matter how light or dark you choose to go.

Another thing that makes Shade different is the amazing bond with other spray tan artist around the world Heather was able to create, including those she met through her Calm Palm CBD additive that is sold around the world. She also created a ebook training for spray tan artist called “Tannabis Cannabis” that has also expanded those relationships. Having a network of spray tan artist who are also super stars makes the knowledge of the industry keep growing and gives Shade the ability to keep up with new products, trends, and providing the BEST service for all of you.   

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Small Events

Shade hosts many small events in our studio every month. Please visit our booking page to see what we have coming up! Some recurring events are our Medium Circles, Puff and Paints, Beauty Pop Ups and more!


Wedding Tan

Your tan needs to be perfect on your special day, and we can do that for you! We specialize in offering not only a glow for your wedding day, but all the special events leading up to your big day!



When we started to offer CBD in our tans, we had a lot of questions. What does the CBD do for our clients? Is this product reputable? We found in our research that the tanning industry did not have reputable options at the time so we decided to work with an amazing company in Colorado, providing a 5 star product called "Calm Palm". Calm Palm is a full spectrum CBD with many different cannabinoids which all work together giving you everything you could want out of a CBD product and more. Spray tan artist Heather would then go on to create a training program for other spray tan artist that has been purchased around the world called "Tannabis Cannabis". Tannabis Cannabis was one of the FIRST cannabis training's for the spray tanning industry which has created an opportunity for Heather to connect with spray tan artist around the world. Ask at your next appointment what adding CBD can do for you!

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